Meet The Team

Built on the Right Culture and Values

When selecting people to join the team at Fast Sydney Towing, we look for the following things as non-negotiables which make up the key to our success:

  • Kind and empathetic personalities who will nurture customers
  • A clear criminal record and good character references
  • A willingness to learn & imporve
  • Level-headed and able to think fast in critical situations
  • Values safety
  • No issues or records with substance abuse
  • Neat and tidy
  • Patient with customers
  • Able to understand where the customer is coming from

The Fast Sydney Towing Team

Respect is a big part of Fast Sydney Towing's success. We're a company that respects our customers first and foremost. We fully understand the stresses of vehicle problems.

Here are some of our team members:

George is a senior mechanic at Fast Sydney Towing.

George Christodolou

Senior Mechanic 30+ Years Experience
Tow Truck Driver & HR truck licence

George is our senior resident Mechanic at Fast Sydney Towing. He has been in the mechanical trade and industry for 30+ years. His career began because his father owned a tow truck and mechanical business. Although George is proficient in driving tow trucks and mechanicals, he has a passion for mechanics. In his leading role at Fast Sydney Towing, he fixes, repairs, and services trucks. When required, George also does an excellent job with extraction tows.If anything in the yard needs fixing, George is the man who can always do the task. He ensures all of the trucks are serviced more than they need to be and keeps an organized schedule to ensure this happens.

He keeps a thorough personal record of everything, which is transferred to our office whiteboards and billboards for the whole team to see and be aware of. This means everyone knows the truck's kilometre readings and what needs work + servicing. This record-keeping also lets the business see who uses the trucks correctly.

Each truck needs a specific tool kit full of equipment, such as:

  • Straps
  • Ratchets
  • Snatch boxes
  • Winch cables

George sources and services these parts to ensure each truck is equipped with the best-undamaged running gear.

George conducts all on-site driving training for new and current tow truck drivers to ensure everyone's skill level is excellent.

George also influences major decisions regarding the business, including: 

  • Who are the best drivers in certain situations
  • Who should drive the new trucks
  • Who is best for heavy machinery transport


  • Certificate & Diploma Mechanical Technology
  • Tow Truck Driver & HR truck licence

Muhammad is a towing driver for Fast Sydney Towing

Muhammad Tabish

Tow Truck Driver & HR

Tabish has worked in transport-related businesses for several years. He started working for Woolworths as a truck driver. He prefers driving trucks to any other job or qualification. He has worked for Fast Sydney Towing for the past four years.Muhammad is an extremely hard worker who has always been thirsty for knowledge to improve his skills as a driver and towing professional. He is a swift learner and pleasant to teach and be around. He loves working with customers and excels at customer service, catering to their needs. He has built a solid relationship and reputation with our big brand partners, such as Mercedes and BMW, and has become a preferred driver for them.

Customers regularly comment on how refreshing it is to have a driver like Muhammad, who is kind and polite to deal with, knows what they need, and knows how to communicate. He is very good at thinking on his feet and understands the tow truck trade inside out.

For this reason, he is also regularly on the phone because he is perfect at comprehending and executing tasks from start to finish. He often bridges communication between the tow truck and office support teams and is willing to work late hours when required. He is excellent at clocking and reporting driver hours in an HR role and has the authority to approve jobs and invoices.

Muhammad has progressed to a vital role in Fast Sydney Towing over the past few years, especially at night when the business owner might be resting.


  • HR Truck Licence
  • TowTruck Certificate
  • Working with children
  • Basic mechanical training for trucks

Karamveer is a specialised toe truck driver for Fast Sydney Towing.

Karamveer Singh

Tow Truck Driver

Karamveer has been working with Fast Sydney Towing for over two years. Before then, he was in the HR vehicle transport industry, driving trucks for various transport providers. He is a highly seasoned and experienced driver. He cleans and maintains his vehicle very well, is a swift learner, and is hardworking when needed. Customers love working with him, and we always get great feedback from his work. He has quickly become an important part of the Fast Sydney Towing team. He has never had any accidents, speeding fines or violated any traffic rules. Overall it is a very conscious and careful driver.

  • HR Truck Licence
  • Tow Truck Certificate
  • MC Truck Licence (for bigger trucks)

Mores Balo is responsible for driving tow trucks and training the team for Fast Sydney Towing.

Mores Ballo

Tow Truck Driver & Trainer

Mores comes from a solid Mechanic family background where his father was a mechanic. His passion is cars, and he works with Fast Sydney Towing becuase he loves it. He knows the ins and outs of vehicles in terms of towing, like where to find the ignition, tow hooks, and all the little details that most people would not know. He often performs some of the more difficult tows, such as containers, cradles, and heavy machinery, and he can easily fit three cars safely on a truck.Without asking, he will always clean the truck he works with, as presentation is critical to him. The truck is always kept orderly, and he respects the machines he works with.

Mores is super reliable no matter when it is working, whether day or night and customers feel instantly reassured when they speak to him. He is very kind, pleasant and knowledgeable. He loves working long-distance jobs between places such as Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne and performs them frequently, always with good customer reviews.

Mores aslo has a role as a trainer for the fast Sydney Towing team and is also responsible for ensuring everyone's skill level is excellent before they service customers.

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