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Car Towing


Small, medium, or large sized car. We can tow any make and model

Truck Towing


Need a larger vehicle Towed? We can tow trucks and buses.

Motorcyle Towing


Road or dirt bikes - we can transport them anywhere you require.

Bus Towing in Sydney


Bus breakdowns can be immensely nerve-racking situations.

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Emergency 24/7

If you have brake failure, immediate towing assistance is vital.

Sydney towing

Tilt Tray Towing

Our staff members employ first-rate machinery at all times.

Abandoned Car Pickup Service Sydney

Abandoned Car

We specialise in fast and hassle-free parking space towing service.

Penrith Towing Service

Long Distance

We're a company that strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Container towing

Container towing

Nothing matters more to us than making our customers happy.

Show Car Towing

Show Car Towing

We can offer you show car towing assistance that's top of the line.

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Fast Sydney Towing

A Towing Service that Cares

Our company can assist you with various towing needs. Our most popular include:

  1. Car towing
  2. Truck towing
  3. Motorcycle towing
  4. Bus towing
  5. Long distance

Fast 24 7 ServicesWe routinely provide customers with specialised towing service. That means that we don't only take care of their standard auto towing requirements. We also help them tow boats, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even equipment. If you're in need of a trustworthy business that can manage any and all of your specialised towing needs, you can trust Fast Sydney Towing. We tow sports bikes, scooters and motorcycles of all varieties all of the time. We tow sizable boats, large buses and lawnmowers all of the time, too. Our equipment towing assistance can be helpful for people who are in need of extensive repair work. If you have a faulty digger on your hands, we can take care of its transport needs for you.

We Earn Your Respect

Great Customer Service

Fast Sydney Towing is a company that has the highest level of respect for all of our customers. If you want assistance from a towing company that will keep your automobile, truck, bus, motorcycle or yard equipment in immaculate condition, you can believe in us.

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We Go the Distance for You

Fast Sydney Towing specialises in convenient, efficient and rapid long-distance towing assistance. If you're busy relocating to a different state and wish to take your trusty car with you, we can accommodate you. Our long distance towing experts are consummate professionals. They've assisted customers with countless long distance towing jobs in the past. When you need to get your vehicle to a distant location safely and securely, no business can help you better than we can. Our team members are some of the most punctual and dependable professionals in the business. That's why our customers never have to worry about their vehicles arriving late to their destinations.

Call us at Fast Sydney Towing as soon as possible to request further information regarding our long-distance towing service. We have a team of trained, insured and licensed drivers on our staff.

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    Speedy Organised Towing Service

    We offer quality emergency towing service here at Fast Sydney Towing. When you need urgent roadside assistance, you can trust us to provide you with the speediest and most organised towing service in the city. We frequently accommodate the towing needs of customers who are in the middle of all different kinds of auto predicaments. We help drivers with engine heating dilemmas. We help drivers who have battery woes. We help people who have been involved in major auto accidents, too.