What are the Types of Heavy Duty Towing Equipment?

Heavy-duty towing equipment often uses a flatbed mechanism. The use of a flatbed allows for more space and weight capacity than the traditional semi-trailer style, which is both lighter and easier to handle. A flatbed can easily be mounted on a commercial truck or van with little modification necessary because its weight distribution doesn’t rely on a pivot point. This makes it possible to use a flatbed with any vehicle, even if it didn’t come equipped with the technology from the factory.

Heavy-duty towing

These features make heavy-duty towing equipment more efficient and easier for companies that require large cargo capacity. That’s why many different businesses have started using this style of system to free up space and help their employees work to the best of their abilities.

The most common types of heavy-duty towing equipment are:


1. Semi-Trailer Towing

  • This is one of the most popular styles of heavy-duty equipment because it can be used in different industries.
  • It pairs with a separate truck to tow large cargo.
  • This style is ideal for shipping goods across long distances in different types of weather since it provides more stability and storage space.
  • The semi-trailer features an ability to connect to bumper technology, making them easy to hook up without special training or equipment.
  • Most commonly, this equipment requires another truck to pull the trailer, but some trucks can be equipped with a special hitch on the back of the cab.


2. Bobtach Towing

  • This is another popular type of system that features the same advantages as semi-trailer equipment but without the need for a separate truck.
  • The difference between this style and traditional Bobtach is that the latter features only one piece that can be disconnected by hand to switch out cargo.


3. Flatbed Loading System

  • It is primarily used when transporting large vehicles such as planes or boats.
  • There is no need for expensive loading ramps when transferring the object onto a bed with this equipment.

Flat bed towing system


4. Articulated Towing

  • This is a system that is commonly outfitted on semi-trucks and trailers.
  • It pairs a separate truck with the trailer to provide stability and weight distribution between them.
  • The most common type of equipment used for this style is an A-frame, which connects the head of the truck to the A-frame of the trailer to create a pivot point.


5. Maxi Tow

  • This is a large device with four arms that lift the system’s top to allow for large cargo such as oil rigs or construction equipment.
  • This towing system is commonly seen in the oil and gas industry but can also be used in multiple industries.


6. Fifth Wheel Towing

  • This is one of the most popular types of towing system specifically because of its weight distribution.
  • The bottom bracket allows for a pivot point that decreases strain on each vehicle and provides support and stability.

Fifth wheel towing


7. Push-Pull Towing

  • This is a type of towing system that is used to reduce the weight of any vehicle.
  • The push portion acts as a lead car and steers one axle, while the pull portion follows behind and has its wheels turned by the steer axle.


8. Tow Wrecker Systems

  • These are commonly seen in law enforcement because they provide control when pulling vehicles.
  • The most common equipment used with this is the T-bar, which can be released at any point.


9. Live Axle Lock Towing System

  • They often feature a winch on either side of the device to provide mechanical advantage and stability to any vehicle.
  • This system is helpful because it only needs one person to operate the locking mechanism.


10. Double Drop Towing System

  • This is very similar to the push-pull system but with a higher weight capacity.
  • This style of equipment is often difficult to operate because it requires coordination by two separate drivers.

Double drop towing system


11. Shape Vault Towing System

  • It works the same way as the double drop but provides more maneuverability for particular objects that need to be transported.
  • The most common type of equipment used for this is a 10,000 lb. crane.


12. Maxi-Rig Towing System

  • It features the same weight capacity as live axle lock and double drop systems but has added support with its twin bars.
  • This system style also requires two drivers to operate it but offers a more effortless loading and unloading cargo.


13. Fruehe Towing System

  • This system works by locking the wheel and allows one driver to drive and steer the vehicle.
  • It features separate bars on each side of the truck to keep it steady while towed.


14. Spud Cots Towing System

  • It is usually used when transporting heavy equipment such as oil rigs because it has a quick-connect feature for easy attachment.
  • This style features stabilizer bars on each corner that can lift the equipment off the ground.


15. Aerial Towing System

  • This is commonly used for towing planes and helicopters and features a long flatbed that is adjustable to protect any vehicle.

Heavy-duty towing

16. Platform Lift Truck towing

  • It is commonly used on docks and features a pivot point that allows the truck to move in any direction without affecting the vehicle.
  • Somebody can find this equipment at many airports or shipping ports.

Heavier equipment used for towing is often found in different industries. This heavy machinery is typically large trucks that require two drivers, but some can be equipped with special hitches attached to the cab of the truck. These are the different types of heavy-duty towing equipment to choose from. If you are interested in finding out more, check out our truck towing service page.