Why Include Towing in Your Car Insurance

Does your car insurance include towing? Probably not. Many insurance companies are not keen on providing coverage for towing. One of the biggest reasons why people require towing assistance is due to mechanical failure, which is a problem that insurance companies do not want to deal with. It is costly and can happen several times.

If we live in a perfect world, drivers will never find themselves stranded on the road because their car will not start. Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect world. And vehicle breakdowns are a reality we have to face often. Far too often, drivers in Sydney face the nuisance of waiting for a friend to help tow their car to the nearest auto body shop. But when you are in the middle of nowhere, it is not always something that you can rely on.

That is why people hire towing companies, such as Fast Sydney Towing. We will give you a hassle-free tow-truck ride so that you can get to the mechanic quickly.

But you are probably wondering how much the tow truck service will cost you. If you have car insurance, will it cover the service? The answer to this question depends on your policy.

Road warning device with towed car on the side of the road in the background.


Towing Coverage

Most car insurance policies will not include towing. You are likely to experience a car breakdown, especially in a place you may not be familiar with. Therefore, it is only right that you look for the right insurance for your needs. You may be one of those who simply want peace of mind when driving on unknown roads. After all, anything can happen, such as running out of petrol or a tyre blowout.

If you are a tradie with insurance cover the last thing you want is to discover you don’t have towing insurance on your policy when you are broken down and late for a job.

For you to get towing included in your car insurance policy, you need roadside assistance. Some companies call it towing and labour coverage, so you may want to check if your insurance has it. Towing and labour coverage is an inexpensive add-on, which you can easily get from major auto insurance carriers.

If you find that your present policy does not have towing and labour coverage, it means towing is not covered. You will need to pay for the service in full using your own money. But it does not mean that you’re not covered at all. If you’re not covered for towing and labour, yet you have ANY of the following, your towing service in Sydney might be covered after all:

  • Full coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Liability insurance plus collision
  • Roadside assistance from a separate insurance company or service

If you were involved in an accident and proven that you’re not the responsible party, subsequent towing may be covered, which will be taken from the at-fault driver’s policy.

Please note that if you only have liability insurance and there’s no added collision coverage, the policy may not include roadside assistance. Therefore, towing services may not be covered.

It can get confusing on the part of the consumer, which is why you must ask the right questions. If you’re concerned about towing fees in Sydney, make sure you talk to your insurer about the cover.

The good news is that you can make your search simpler. Often, if you have comprehensive car insurance, it automatically comes with towing services. You are covered if you need towing, although some companies limit the radius relating to the location where your car will be towed for safety or repair.

Some insurers include complimentary roadside assistance, while others provide third-party fire and theft coverage that already have towing costs covered. You should always check your documents to ensure you are aware of what you’re paying for.

Damaged car being towed.


Understanding Your Towing Coverage

In situations such as accidents and theft, your car could be left in a place that’s difficult to access. Thieves, for example, might leave the vehicle far away from your normal route. Comprehensive policies typically cover those cases. Meanwhile, if you experienced attempted theft and your car was left in an abandoned area, towing may be included in your policy if it is third-party fire and theft insurance. Towing may also be covered if you were involved in a fire accident. If it is a car or any road accident, it will not be covered by that policy.

Whether you have comprehensive insurance or fire and theft coverage, there is one thing that you should not forget to do. One of your first tasks is to call your provider – after making sure everyone is safe, of course.

You are required to inform your insurer about the incident before you can make a claim. It is part of the process that many consumers often forget. That’s why they end up not getting the tow service or coverage that they require. Some car insurance providers will arrange a tow on your behalf, but many others will leave it up to you. In this instance, you can call Fast Sydney Towing, and we’ll be there in no time.

Even if your insurance provider lets you pick your car towing service that you prefer, you should still ask what they include and exclude from the policy. That way, you will not end up paying for additional services that are not covered by your car insurance.

Most insurers do not have a distance limit, which means that you can have your vehicle towed to your chosen location without worrying about surplus fees. However, they will usually specify that your tower can only take you to the nearest repairer, storage, or residence. Once again, you must check the details of your policy. For example, an insurer will cover the towing service but only to one place, such as the repairer and not your home.


What about Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance often covers towing. However, it is not as comprehensive as with incident coverage. Free towing from road assistance policies typically has size and distance restrictions. You will have to check with your insurer and coverage to know about these limitations.

For instance, you may only be able to tow your car for free up to 20km if it is in a metropolitan area. If your vehicle is on the road in a country area, you may be able to get free towing service, thanks to your insurance policy for up to 50km. These distance limits are just suggestions. Check with your insurer or insurance documents to know the correct information.

Certain insurers will only allow free towing if your car is under a certain height and weight when it comes to vehicle sizes. It depends on the carrier, but free towing is usually limited to three to 3.5 tonnes. The vehicle should be less than four metres high.

Woman driver with broken down car being assisted.


Benefits of Adding Towing in Your Car Insurance Policy

Roadside assistance and other policies covering towing services eventually pay for themselves. They only add a few dollars to your premium, but they offer excellent protection for a variety of hazards when you’re out driving on the road. When you require a towing service, it can become an anxiety-inducing situation, but with Fast Sydney Towing and your car insurance, you can have a less stressful experience.

You are going to need towing at some point in your life, especially if you are a frequent driver. Here are the top reasons why you should include towing in your car insurance in Sydney:


Get Immediate Service

You will get your car towed right away, thanks to your insurance cover. And if you choose Fast Sydney Towing, we guarantee that we will have your vehicle towed quicker than other companies can. We will take you to the nearest mechanic up to the distance that your policy covers.


Get Towing Assistance 24/7

Accidents usually happen at night – often at the most inconvenient times. But you do not have to worry if you require a towing service in Sydney. You just need to contact your insurer and provide the details about your circumstances. Then, you can contact us so that we can arrange a towing vehicle that is right for your situation. We’ll be there in no time, anytime.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

It’s easy to file a towing claim, especially if you have roadside assistance coverage. You only have to call your insurance provider (some have an app where you can make a claim). Then, you can proceed to tell them the details about the incident. More importantly, discuss your need for roadside assistance. You can also pay for the towing service yourself and get reimbursement after.

We will take your car to your insurer’s preferred repair facilities or your desired location, depending on what your insurance agreement comprises. Make sure that you save your receipt and that you have called your insurer before hiring us.

Couple looking at their car being towed.

As with any insurance policies, you should always compare auto insurance quotes before you buy. Check that they offer roadside assistance or other essentials, such as accidents, theft, and fire. When you’re ready to have your vehicle towed, give Fast Sydney Towing a call on (02) 8599 4536, let us know where you want your car dropped off, and we will provide you with a quote.