Preventing Road Accidents

Accidents are Inevitable

Roadside accidents are inevitable, but they are never enjoyable. Rather, they are a huge burden for everyone. No one wants their car slammed into by a moving vehicle or any other object. Nor do they wish to be the cause of someone else’s pain and suffering. Regardless of fault, car accidents bring many inconveniences to all involved, including

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  • Injuries that are sometimes fatal
  • Hospital visits
  • Missed work
  • Insurance hassles
  • Lawsuits
  • Numerous other annoying incidentals

At Fast Sydney Towing, we are there for you when you need an affordable tow fast. However, we’d much rather you be safe from having an accident at all. That’s why we are going to present you with some tips and trick to remain safe.
We have some very good news

Accidents Are Preventable

The good news is that the majority of road accidents are entirely preventable with some simple precautions. The first step to preventing a disaster is to know which actions cause the most accidents in the first place.

The record shows that distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in Australia and the world around.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving takes many forms. In general, it is any activity that you are involved in while you are driving your vehicle. Here are three of the most common driving distractions, and how to avoid them.

1. Using a Mobile Device While Driving

According to Prominent Lawyers Blog, the best policy for cell phone use while driving is not to use them at all. Prominent Lawyers Blog writes, “DO NOT use a mobile phone and operate a vehicle at the same time.” This usage can lead to accidents and fatalities.
Not to mention it is illegal to be on your phone driving.

2. Reading GPS Maps While Operating a Vehicle

It may be evident to some NOT to read while driving. However, many drivers do it anyway. Perhaps even for a good reason, like looking at a map to get directions. However, this is hazardous behaviour. Your safety is important. If you must look at maps for directions, pull your car over to the side of the road first.

3. Eating your breakfast (or other meal) while driving

Everyone wants to save a little time in the mornings. It is easy to be tempted to eat your food in the car on the go. However, eating while driving is a dangerous distraction. Often you have to take both hands off the wheel to get the food in your mouth. The best practice is to get up a few minutes early to fix your breakfast. In the long run, you will save plenty of time by not having to deal with the distractions that come with an unpleasant roadside experience.

Other distractions can cause accidents. This includes things like grooming, smoking, vaping, changing music or temperature settings and more. The best practice is to prepare for all these contingencies before you get in the car. And if you must do them immediately, pull your vehicle to the side of the road for safety.

It is better to lose one minute than an entire day of lost wages.

What are some other ways of preventing road accidents?

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Here are ten tips to keep you as safe as possible in your travels:

1. Keep your vehicle well maintained.

There are many important safety features in your car. These include your headlights, blinkers and tires. If these are working subpar, your chances of having an accident are significantly increased. And if it is a safety issue, you may be at fault.

2. Beware your driving environment.

Be responsible and proactive when driving. Use your mirrors regularly, know the road conditions and make appropriate changes to your speed when necessary.

3. Keep both hands on the steering wheel.

With both hands on the wheel, you have more control over the car. If you have to use one side to shift or turn on a blinker, do it quickly.

4. Obey the traffic laws.

This is another commonsense preventative tool that many people ignore. Some of the most common infractions include tailgating, running traffic lights and stop signs, not using blinkers and speeding. Ignoring any of these traffic laws increases your risk of road accidents.

5. Slow down in the rain.

One of the most significant weather dangers for driving in Sydney is a torrential rainfall. If you can delay your trip, wait until the rains stop. On the other hand, if you must operate in the rain, please slow down. It could save a life.

Slower traffic in wet conditions

6. Don’t get distracted by road rage.

Road rage can happen to any of us. We are naturally inclined to get upset when someone cuts us off or follows us too close. However, if you want to avoid an accident, you’ll need to practice mind kindness. Don’t get upset. Recognise that you have made mistakes in the past too. Don’t give in to the rage.

7. Forgo the alcoholic beverages before getting behind the steering wheel.

Even one drink of alcohol can impair your driving judgment. You don’t want to take the risk of an at-fault accident caused by intoxication. The same is true with narcotic medication and illegal drugs. While driving a car, don’t do it. Use a designated driverwhen you plan an outing.

8. Use extra caution if you are an inexperienced or new driver.

If you are planning a long road trip, let a more experienced driver do the bulk of the driving. Even inexperienced drivers need road time to learn the skills necessary to drive with excellence. However, be aware of your experience level before getting behind the wheel.

9. Don’t drive if you are sleepy or tired.

Falling asleep at the wheel is a risk you don’t want to take while driving a car. A tired, yawning driver will not have the alertness necessary to drive their best. If you notice you are getting sleepy, pull to the side of the road and take a power nap. It could save your life. 

10. Watch out for kangaroos and other animals that might be on the road.

Depending on the size of the animal, it can often be more prudent to run into an animal than swerve off the road and create a big road accident. Watch for large and small animals and act appropriately. Slow down if you can and let the animal pass.


Driving has many associated dangers. And some issues are entirely outside the control of the driver and passengers. However, many things can be done to prevent accidents in the first place.
In the rare event of the inevitable accident, please contact Fast Sydney Towing. We can help you get a tow fast, and at a price, you can afford.