Essential Things to Know About Tie Downs and Tow Straps

Rainbow tie down strapAt one time or another, just about every driver will need the help of a tow truck or flatbed truck. Most people think about tow trucks hauling away a vehicle damaged in an accident. But, surprisingly, more than half of the towing is done for other reasons such as:

  • Recovering a car that has run off the road
  • Moving a vehicle that is illegally parked
  • Transporting a vehicle to a new location
  • Getting an inoperative vehicle to a Mechanic

At Fast Sydney Towing (02) 8599 4536, we understand your concerns regarding how your valuable property will be cared for while being moved. So, we are happy to share some important things to know about tie downs and tow straps.

Different Straps for Different Purposes

Tie down straps, and tow straps are both used to secure a vehicle for hauling, but when and how they get used will depend on:

  • The reason for the towing job
  • The type of vehicle to be towed
  • How to minimise or eliminate vehicle damage during transportation.

If you have any questions about how your vehicle can be towed, don’t worry about the details when you can call us and talk with one of our towing specialists. 
Orange tie strap

What are Tow Straps and How are They Used?

  • As the name implies, tow straps are the recommended option for towing vehicles behind a tow truck. The tow straps are attached to the front or back end of the car and then secured to the tow bar of the tow truck.
  • If a vehicle has front-wheel drive, the tow straps are used to hold the front end of the vehicle off of the ground for towing.
  • If a car has rear-wheel drive, the tow straps are used to keep the back end of the vehicle off of the earth for hauling. The vehicle front or rear end is attached to the tow bar at the rear of the tow truck.
  • All-wheel drive, or 4 wheel drive, vehicles and motorcycles are best towed using flatbed trucks. However, all-wheel drive vehicles and bikes can be hauled behind a tow truck with the use of tow dollies and wheel lift bars.
  • Tow straps are stiff, with very little flexibility, to reduce vehicle movement and hold the tires in place while on the road. Recovery tow straps are reliable, have no metal clamps, and have some flexibility to allow for the movement needed to strap down a vehicle that needs to be pulled back onto the road if it ran off the road or got stuck in the mud, sand, or water.

Tie Down Straps, When Should They be Used?

Tie down straps are used to safely and secure a vehicle on flatbed trucks. Depending on the amount of security needed for a car will also effect the configuration.

  • The number of tie-down straps can vary from as few as two tie downs generally used for motorcycles and up to 8 or 10 tie downs for vehicles, SUVs, ATVs, and small trucks or buses.
  • One or two tie downs are wrapped around each tire before the tie down straps is locked into place on the platform of a flatbed truck. The tie downs are strong enough to keep the vehicle from moving while being transported.
  • Flatbed trucks are the most secure way to carry 4 wheel drive vehicles, vehicles damaged in an accident, hot-rods, sports cars, and high-end luxury vehicles.

Importance of Towing Materials & Whats the Difference?

Large Tow WinchBoth tie-down straps and tow straps are made from woven materials designed for all types of car towing. The difference in the configuration of the strap is that tie down straps are long and flat to tighten the hold tension on a flatbed while tow straps have a thicker weave to support the need to hold tires in place while on the road or during recovery.

Fast Sydney Towing (02) 8599 4536 has a full range of towing strap materials that can safely support all hauling load capacities.

When you need a towing service in a hurry, or you want to schedule a towing relocation service, call us, day or night, for a rapid, professional response. To ensure that our specialised tow truck driver arrives with the correct towing materials for your need, we will ask you for some vehicle weight and identification information as well as location and distances between destinations.
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