Best Driving Schools in Sydney

Driving schools have professional instructors who educate individuals on how to operate their vehicles safely and effectively. A driving school is where you can learn important things, such as:

  • Road traffic rules and regulations
  • Road and vehicle safety
  • Using vehicle features, including accelerator, gears, transmission, brakes, and indicators
  • Advanced techniques on what to do in case of an emergency
  • Other driving recommendations

There are several driving schools in Sydney. But since your safety and your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians lie in your hands, we encourage you to be a little more meticulous in picking the school.

Driving lesson test.


What to Look for in a Driving School in Sydney

Your goal in obtaining an education in driving is to become a safe driver. Being a safe driver will help you avoid accidents and getting in trouble because of the imposed road rules. It’s essential to have a good instructor who will teach you to drive properly and correctly. Research shows that the road driving experience or education can determine how safe the road is when you’re on the road.

When finding a school in Sydney for your driving lessons, we recommend that you look for the following:

  • Ensure that the drivers in the school (not just the ones conducting your driving lessons) are qualified with appropriate licences. Aussie driving instructors are required to complete a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, specifically Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction.
  • The school should provide dual control cars.
  • The lessons should last a full hour so that you can genuinely learn from the class.
  • The reviews of the school and instructors are high with recommendations from previous students.
  • The school allows the use of manual and automatic cars when learning how to drive.

If you’re a parent, verify that the instructor has obtained a Working with Children Check. It is a requirement for those who work with children under 18. You may also want to enquire about the school’s Keys2Drive participation. Keys2Drive is a program that allows you or your child to obtain a driving lesson for free.



Top Driving Schools in Sydney

Now that you know how to pick a driving school, we’re going to give you a few recommendations. That way, your search will be much easier. Here are the top five schools for young and new drivers in Sydney, along with why you should consider enrolling.


Turramurra Driving School

A highly-rated and highly praised school that offers driving training, Turramurra Driving School has been around for more than 25 years. The goal of the institution is to help drivers get their driver’s licence for the first time without fail. Turramurra Driving School enables you to prepare for your road experience for the years to come. That’s why the organisation not only teaches people to drive but also how they can gain confidence whilst on the road.

The key to becoming a good driver is to be responsible. It’s not just about knowing the road rules but ensuring that you stick to them at all times. Turramurra Driving School emphasises this important detail whilst making you feel at ease and comfortable with your instructor. Previous and present students commend the instructors and the lessons themselves. There’s no stress and no unrealistic expectations for the learners. It’s guaranteed to be a fun experience.

This Sydney driving school ensures that you’re prepared before you take your driving test. That way, you get your licence on the first attempt. The principal instructor, Roy Haigh, is a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association with over 25 years of experience in training drivers. Turramurra Driving School offers lessons in a late model and dual control automatic vehicle that has received a five-star safety rating.

Pricing is competitive with flexible hours that will suit your schedule. Roy also provides rehabilitation and training for drivers with physical disabilities.

Driving instructor setting cones.


Onroad Driving School

Another driving school that deserves to be mentioned in this list is Onroad Driving School. This award-winning driving school in Sydney operates seven days a week with licenced driver-instructors ready to teach.

One of the things that set Onroad Driving School apart is that it focuses not only on teaching practical driving lessons but also on the theoretical side of things. That means you do not just learn how to manoeuvre and steer the steering wheel, but you also become a disciplined road user. This driving school delves deeper into gaining knowledge about road safety, laws, and responsibilities. So, you are more than just a driver with average driving skills.

A new service being offered by Onroad Driving School is Module 1, which is now provided every month in various Sydney suburbs. The organisation is committed to creating driving lessons geared towards helping learners become more confident in using their cars.

The lessons are priced competitively, which is another reason why many students choose Onroad Driving School. The introduction class is $59, which is exclusively for first-time customers. If you have already worked with the school, you can still get a reasonably priced offer, which costs $69. Standard lessons last for an hour and cost $72. The fee already includes pickups and drop-offs.

We have mentioned above that you need to make sure that the organisation holds a Working with Children Check if your child or someone below 18 plans to learn how to drive. Onroad Driving School has driving instructors with this accreditation.


LTrent Driving School

LTrent Driving School offers a dedicated driving instructor for those who want to learn how to drive in the Sydney area. LTrent specialises in teaching people of all ages, including those preparing for their first driving test and those who are learning how to drive for the first time. LTrent instructors offer a customised lesson based on the requirements of the learner.

LTrent is one of the oldest driving schools in Sydney. It has been around since 1969 and has served over 300,000 students over the years. The goal of the institution is centred on not just helping people pass the test but to teach young drivers to be responsible.

LTrent Driving School aims to set itself apart by offering an exclusive starter kit for new students. This kit includes a driving handbook, along with a student record card. For a more personalised training session, curriculum training has been developed. It means that the lessons are dependent on the student’s capabilities, requirements, and experience in driving.

For example, if you want to learn manual driving, some lessons will allow you to operate a manual car. If your sole purpose of learning how to drive through the school is to pass the test on the first go, you can schedule a lesson. Other services provided are Keys2Drive, Safer Drivers Course, and Aged Assessment.

This driving school also offers lessons for those in Newcastle, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Central Coast.

Driving instructor teaching student how to reverse.


AAKAR Driving School

If you are looking for a Sydney-based driving school, you may want to check out AAKAR. It is a Keys2Drive accredited member and is in alliance with the Australian Driver Trainers Association or the ADTA. AAKAR Driving School aims to help individuals to become better and more responsible drivers.

Taking driving lessons does not have anything to do with age. AAKAR welcomes everyone, young and old, to enrol and learn with this RTA and RMS licenced school. AAKAR has instructors whose primary goal is to help make Australian roads a safer place for everyone.

AAKAR offers different services for new and inexperienced drivers. The lessons can be customised based on the requirements of the learner. For instance, if you wish to become a better driver to pass your drivers’ knowledge test, AAKAR can help. The institution also provides intensive courses, which go more in-depth so that the learner becomes an expert driver, no matter what vehicle they would like to operate.

AAKAR gives an introductory offer, which you should not forget to grab if you are a new customer. Training sessions are safe and conducted in the facility. However, if you are ready, you can drive along the motorway with the assistance and guidance of your instructor, of course. AAKAR lets learners cancel their schedules, whether for rescheduling or complete cancellation. If you need to cancel, make sure to do so within 24 hours of booking, so you get a full refund.


Apia Driving School

Apia Driving School takes pride in providing high-quality driving lessons. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, with outstanding service for everyone. Whether you are entirely new to driving or you need a refresher course, you should consider Apia.

Apia Driving School is located in Chippendale, NSW. Thousands of Sydney drivers have already worked with Apia, which has been around since 1963. The school was founded because there were not enough training providers in Sydney during that period. The founders wanted to help guide motorists into becoming safer and more reliable drivers.

All the instructors in the institution are licenced and experienced. They are professionals who embrace new technologies and tactics in driving and teaching. At the same time, they follow industry standards and guide students, so they take and apply what they have learnt throughout their lifetime.

This driving school was established and operated by a local family in Sydney. As a family-run business, Apia Driving School is determined to educate the students in the most fun way possible. Valuable technical skills are taught, which then enable drivers to drive with more confidence than ever. The instructors aim to instil good habits and awareness to ensure the public will remain safe on the roads.

Apia Driving School offers Safer Drivers Course, new drivers lessons, and driving lesson management experienced drivers.


Getting driving lessons is not a requirement in Australia. However, there are some things that you should do first to drive on the roads legally. First, you should pass the road rules theory test and then the driving test. With driving lessons from the best driving schools in Sydney, passing these tests has never been easy. Plus, you will become a better driver so you can prevent any road accidents that could occur.